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Heat and Thermodynamics:Entropy change in Isothermal process

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One mole of an ideal gas is contained in a thermally insulated container that is connected to another container of equal volume that is initially evacuated. The valve connecting the two containers is now opened and the gas allowed to expand isothermally to fill both sides - new total volume is twice original volume.

A) What is the entropy change for this process?

B) Is this process reversible or irreversible? Why?

**Only the first container is insulated thus initial gas is not influenced by outside temp -- BUT gas will expand into the next container (vacuum)-- for this to occur isothermally -- heat has to be transferred into the system to keep temp constant-- (presumably through uninsulated valve and second container) pressure will decrease. Area under isotherm curve = W. Energy for same comes from outside system. Energy gas is same. What I need now is entropy change & is it reversible. delta S=(Q/T)r (if reversible) -- I'm thinking this process in NOT reversible.

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The gas expands isothermally from one container to the other.

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