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    Thermodynamic Process

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    See attached diagram.

    1. The figure shows a thermodynamic process followed by 150mg of helium.

    a) Determine the pressure (in atm) of the gas at points 1, 2, and 3.


    b) Determine the temperature (in celsius) of the gas at points 1, 2, and 3.

    T1,T2,T3=________ celsius

    c) Determine the volume (in centimeters cubed) of the gas at points 1, 2, and 3.

    V1,V2,V3=_________ centimeters cubed

    d) How much work is done on the gas during each of the three segments?

    W1->2,W2->3,W3->1=_____________ J

    e) How much heat energy is transferred to or from the gas during each of the three segments?


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    At point 1 from the PV graph: Volume = V1 = 1000 cc = 1000 x 10-6 m3 = 10-3 m3, Temperature T1 = 273 + 133 = 406 K, Pressure = P1

    At point 2: Volume = V2 = 1000 cc, Pressure P2 = 5P1, Temperature = T2

    At point 3: Volume = V3, Pressure P3 = P1, Temperature T3 = T2 (as the two points lie on an isothermal)

    As points 2 and 3 lie on an isothermal curve, applying the perfect gas equation:

    P2V2 = P3V3
    Substituting values: 5P1 x 1000 = P1 V3

    V3 = 5000 cc or 5 x ...

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