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Zero and Second Order Reaction

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The second order reaction for the decomposition of nitrosyl bromide has a half life of 12.5s at a concentration of 0.100M.

NOBr(g)-->NO(g) + 1/2Br2(g)

I need help finding k for the reaction, and how would I find how long it will take to decompose 80 % of a 0.0500M solution of nitrosyl bromide, and how fast 0.200M solution of nitrosyl bromide will decompose.

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The solution provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step solution to finding the reaction constant of the given second order equation.

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For the second order reactions, you need the right formula

1/[At] - 1/[Ao] = kt

is the one you need to use.

Whenever they ask these types of questions, they usually give the half life of the reaction. Use the half life to find the k and then you are on the right track.

From the definition of ...

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