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    Half life of a reaction

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    Half-Life of a Reaction. Consider the following reaction at 300 C: NO2(g) = NO(g) + 1/2 O2(g).

    a. Describe what kinds of plots you would have to construct to determine if the reaction is first-order or second-order.
    b. What would these plots look like and how would they allow you to determine the order of the reaction?
    c. If the rate constant for the reaction at 300 C is found to be 0.543 M -1s-1, what is the half-life for the decomposition of NO2 if [NO2]o = 0.0100 M?

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    a,b) The type of plots are going to depend on the rate equations. The rate equations are:

    1st order --> ln[R]t = ln[R]o - kt
    2nd order --> 1/[R]t = 1/[R]o +kt

    Notice these are of the form: y = ax +b

    So, if you ...

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