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    Rate constant for a second order reaction

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    The rate constant for the second-order reaction is 0.80/M*s at 10 degrees C

    2NOBr(g) goes to 2NO(g) + Br2 (g).

    (a) Starting with a concentration of 0.071 M, calculate the concentration of NOBr after 25 seconds.

    (b) Calculate the half-life when [NOBr]0 =0.081M.

    (c) Find the half-life when [NOBr]0=0.047.

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    The equation that relates rate constant to initial concentration [Ao] of any of the reactants and to the concentration [A] present after any given time t for a second order reaction is:

    kt = 1/[A] - 1/[Ao]

    In the first question, we know that [Ao] = 0.071 M.

    We also know ...

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    Using the rate constant for the second-order reaction as 0.80/M*s at 10 degrees C, the solution calculates the concentration and the half-life.