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Mixed Graph and Trigonometry Problems

(See attached files for full problem descriptions)

Problem Set 3:

1) Where does the graph of the equation y=mx+b cross the x-axis?

A) b B) m/b C b/m D) - (b/m) E) -(m/b)

2)What angle does the line y=mx+b make with the x-axis?

A) tan^-1(m/b) B) tan^-1(b/m) C) tan^-1(m) D) tan^-1(b) E) x/y

3) There are five students for each prof. Let S= the number of students, and P= the number of profs. A correct expression for this is?

A) P=15S B) S=15P C) S=P+15 D) S+15=P E) S=P

4) Match the equations with the graphs on the x-y plane below.

30) y= x/3 -1 _____________
31) y= -x/3 -1_____________
32) y=2 _____D________
33) x=2 ______B________

Problem set 4

(see attachment for diagram)

Use the triangle above to answer questions with answers below.
A) 0.5 B) 0.6 C) 0.75 D) 0.8 E 1.33

1) tan theta =

2) sin theta =

3) cos phi =

2) Use the attached diagram to answer the following with answers of A) 80 degrees B) 100 degrees C) 120 degrees D) 190 degrees E) 200 degrees


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