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Electrical Energy Conversion: Voltages & Currents

Question: Find the current I_N, required to establish a flux of 2 mWb in the air gap of the magnetic structure shown in the figure in the attached file. The structure is made of silicon sheet steel, and its magnetization curve is also shown. Assume that the coil has 500 turns, and the structure has the dimensions given in the attached file.

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In this problem, there are three reluctance's in the right hand side path S3, S4 and Sg connected in series and they are in parallel with the middle path of reluctance S2. These two parallel paths are connected to S1 and source of AT (ampere-turn) in series.

Our first job is to find the total flux of source and the net reluctance of the circuit. These two parameters will give the value of mmf of the coil and in turn the current in the coil.

Flux in the air gap
phi_g ...

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