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    Induction motor typical calculation.

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    A three-phase 230 V, 30 hp, 60 Hz, six-pole induction motor is operating with a shaft load that requires 21.3 kW to cross the air gap to the rotor. Rotor copper loss 1.05 kW, and mechanical and stray load losses are 300 W. Determine:

    a. shaft speed;
    b. mechanical power developed;
    c. developed torque;
    d. shaft torque; and,
    c. percent of rated hp the machine is required to deliver to the load

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    1. Electrical power system connections:

    Wye connection:

    Delta connection:

    The line-to-line voltages of the equipment will always be seen from the system point of view. So the power system and individual equipment information given for study or research all refer to the line-to-line voltage. It is more practical and also becomes a tradition that electrical engineers do things using such kind of criteria.

    2. RMS values

    RMS values usually ...