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Fouriers analysis 'inverse' function.

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Question 1
Harmonic distortion is aserious problem for the electrical supply industry
and can cause overheating of induction motors and transformers and
cause the neutral conductor to carry more than its rated current

Harmonic distortion is caused by consumer loads requiring non-
sinusoidal currents. There are two main types of load that generate
harmonic cturents:

- Computers and other ofiioe equiprnent. The typical wavdorm ofthe
current taken Irv such devices is shown in FIGURE 3{a}.
- Variable speed motor drives as used in the manufacturing indusry and in lifts. Typical current waveform of such loads is attached

See attached

The table below gives the complex Fourier coefficient obtained from
a 1oad's current waveform

{a} Use Ertoel's Fourier Analysis 'inverse' fimction to transform the
complex coefficients back tothe original time domain values

{b} Use the time domain values to plot a graph ofthe wave form and
hence state if the waveform is from a TYPE A or a TYPE B load

See attached

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