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    Power Conversion Efficiencies - Practical Application

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    1. A steam turbine at an electric power plant delivers 4500 kW of power to an electrical generator that converts 95 percent of this mechanical energy into electrical energy. What is the current delivered by the generator if it delivers energy at 3600 V?

    2. A color television draws about 2.5 A when it is connected to a 120 V outlet. Assuming electrical energy costs $0.06 per kW*h, what is the cost of running the TV for exactly 8 h?

    Please show work, formulas used and the answers! Thank you.

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    Power generated by the turbine = 4500kW = 4500 * 10^3 W

    95 % of this gets converted to electrical energy.

    That is 4500*10^3 * 95/100 gets converted to electrical energy.

    ie, ...

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