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Please describe this article, then discuss the event and explain it from a sociological perspective. Write 250-300 words summary. Be specific as to which perspective(s) best explains the event and the purpose it serves in society. The paper should maintain neutrality and should not judge the selected events as good or bad, right or wrong.


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Article Title: How Bernie did it
Article URL: http://money.cnn.com/2009/04/24/news/newsmakers/madoff.fortune/index.htm
Article Summary:

The article, published by CNN.com's Fortune magazine online looks into details of Madoff's massive swindle, a Ponzi scheme that went on for decades behind the respectable and impressive facade of Bernie Madoff's Financial Investment Empire. Written by James Bandler & Nicholas Varchaver, the lengthy article expounds on Madoff's double life: how he managed to keep the truth about his Scam from the authorities and his Fortune 500 clients but most of all, his staff (a few were in on it with him but they were of a minor number and a specific persuasion); the shady personalities involved in the scam - profiles of his family made more accessible via the detailed commentaries of actual employees; and the manner by which Madoff the Man behaved - indications of troubling aspects in a life and business that seemed so charmed. Looking at actual events from validated eye-witness accounts, the article provides a depth to a terrible crime and the Man behind it. Qualitatively, it provides that depth of observation - messy and detailed accounts that purvey human experience. Quantitatively - events and the numbers involved are concretely explained and validated. While it is a news article, it is also a human Interest story that does so many things at once: provides ...

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The solution is in two parts - a concise 257-word summary of a selected CNN article and a 783-word analysis of the social issue at hand using a sociological viewpoint. Discussed is the corrupt practices of former Wall Street Banker Bernie Madoff and the implications of his Ponzi Scheme. References are listed. A word version is attached for easy printing.