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    Radioactive waste and nuclear energy

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    I would like some information as to the pros and cons of radioactive waste. I would like more info on the pros of using nuclear energy to meet our high-energy demands even though there is readioactive waste. How we dispose of it and the safety of the way we dispose of it.

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    You know it is really in the eye of the beholder regarding pros and cons for radioactive waste. Using the word waste all ready makes one think it is useless refuse with all sorts of cons. Perhaps it is better to say reaction by products from the fission of U235 heating reactors. Many active and inactive elements are concentrated to useful purpose from that reaction. These are used in medical treatments where the controlled energy of particle emission is used as a cure. These are used in development of greater efficiency fuels. These are used in science to better understand the mechanism of how things work. These are used to harden materials to enable realization of ...

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    It provides detailed information on the pros and cons of the radioactive waste and nuclear energy.