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Nuclear Fission: Origins, Use and Pros/Cons

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1. Where does the nuclear fission energy come from?
2. How is nuclear fission energy made?
3. How much does nuclear fission energy cost?
4. How is nuclear fission energy used?
5. Three examples of how nuclear fission energy is used?
6. Five pros and five cons of nuclear fission energy?

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The solution discusses the meaning of nuclear fission, its use and the pros and cons of fission energy.

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1.) Nuclear fission is caused by the splitting of the nucleus of an atom into smaller nuclei. Nuclear fission usually happens in radioactive elements and when the nucleus splits in these elements it produces free neutrons and protons (all parts of an atom) and releases a large amount of energy during the splitting process. The energy produced is usually in the form of kinetic energy and electromagnetic radiation.

2.) Fission fragments are produced when an atom undergoes fission and releases several neutrons. Each of these particles has some kinetic energy in them, but the ...

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