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    Energy Levels of Hydrogen Atom: Example Problems

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    Which of the following statements are true about the hydrogen atom's energy levels? Support your answers with explanation.

    1. 13.6 eV is enough energy to ionize Hydrogen, which means exciting an electron from n = 1 up to zero energy.
    2. The wavelength of a photon emitted from the n=3 to n=2 transition is longer than that emitted for the n=2 to n=1 transition.
    3. The Hydrogen atom in it's ground state can not absorb a photon of any energy greater than 13.6 eV.
    4. The first excited state (n = 2) energy is -3.4 eV.
    5. The Hydrogen atom in its ground state can absorb a photon of any energy less than 13.6 eV.

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    Question 1:

    True - The energy level of the single electron of the Hydrogen atom is -13,6 eV. Therefore, the energy required to move it to 0 eV is 13.6 eV.

    Question 2:

    True - The energy of a wave increases as the frequency increases. Since the speed of light is constant, the wavelength is inversely ...

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    The expert explains the energy levels of hydrogen atoms. The photo of the greater energy is determined.