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Calculating Nuclear Decay

I'm completely stuck on this problem:

i) Determine the energy required to remove a proton from a 12C nucleus (in MeV) - For this one, I know that this is not alpha, beta, or gamma decay, so I don't know how I'm supposed to do it.

And this one,

ii) 2H and 3H nuclei undergo the following fission reaction:
2H + 3H --> 4He + 1/0n

a) Calculate the amount of energy released in this reaction (which I calculated to be 17.5895 MeV).

b) Determine the kinetic energy of the alpha particle if the 2H and 3H reacting nuclei are initially stationary. - For this one, I don't know how to convert this to velocity...

iii) Determine the energy released in the alpha-decay of a 14N nucleus (in MeV) - (which I calculated to be 11.613 MeV) - and state whether or not 14N actually alpha decays. - So for this one, I don't know how to tell whether or not it will actually I look at the rest mass energy?

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