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Atomic Nuclear Decay & Radioactivity in Healthcare

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1. Discuss in detail, one way in which atomic nuclear decay takes place. What is the significance of atomic nuclear decay? Analyze the societal implications of using this process.

2.What are the various uses of radioactivity in healthcare? What are the future trends in healthcare with respect to the use of radioactivity?

3. At a prominent state hospital, a 45-year-old woman is receiving a "combined modality" treatment for the initial stage of breast cancer. State the two aspects included in this treatment. State the methods by which a radiation oncologist can administer these therapies. Additionally, state four major differences between the two modes of treatment.

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1. Atomic nuclear decay takes place by one of the 3 processes: by alpha decay, beta decay, or by gamma decay. In alpha decay atomic nucleus emits an alpha particle and decays into an atom with a mass number 4 less and atomic number 2 less. The decay occurs due to instability in the nucleus. when the repulsive force slightly overtakes the attractive one. there are 4 types, alpha ,beta, gamma and positron emission decays. gamma rays can harm the most followed by beta and alpha. in fact gamma rays are continuously being bombarded from outer space.

Atomic nuclear decays are in most cases harmful to the body. Atomic nuclear decays, especially the gamma decay, can cause diseases like cancer and DNA alteration. That is the reason why extreme care and caution should be done to ...

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