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    Proof-Along-Track Resolution Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR)

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    The PDF document highlights information with regard to the Synthetic Aperature Radar.

    Of interest for the problems in the word document are the equations on page 5 (title: Along-track resolution) and 6 of the PDF document.
    The equation for two-way phase shift with regard to range is shown on page 3.

    Thanks in advance for any/all assistance.

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    On page 3:

    phi = phi_o + 2pi*v^2*t^2/lembda*Ro + higher order terms

    Because, in higher order terms the denominator increases much faster than numerator, therefore the higher order terms are neglected.

    phi = phi_o + ...

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    The solution provides a step-by-step proof for the resolution synthetic aperture radar.