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    Basic Modalities of Logic

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    I have trouble with the following:

    Three dichotomies of modality
    1) Metaphysical: necessary v. contingent
    2) Epistemological: a priori v. a posteriori
    3) Linguistics: analytic v. synthetic

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    What this question means is simply the various ways in which something can be expressed. Walking through them in order, we understand the following:

    1) When it comes to discussing how things are experienced in the physical and/or spiritual world, we experience two seemingly contradictory types of existence. The first is that which is "necessary"; this means that which must logically exist, or is the foundation for something else's existence. That which is "contingent" is therefore dependent on something else (something "necessary") or is otherwise ...

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    The three basic modalities of logic (necessary/contingent, a priori/a posteriori, analytic/synthetic) are explained in brief, with examples.