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    The Philosophy of Plato and Socrates

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    i don't need long answers....

    1. According to Platoâ??s theory of the Forms: Is the chair you are sitting on real? If so, then why. If not, then why?

    2. explain Socratesâ?? Simile of the Sun and the Good.

    3. What are the differences between Platoâ??s two realms: The Sensible Realm and the Realm of the Forms?

    4. What is the meaning you found in Platoâ??s Allegory of the Cave?

    5. What is Platoâ??s concept of the human soul?

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    Classical Philosophy Q&A

    1. According to Plato's theory of the Forms: Is the chair you are sitting on real? If so, then why. If not, then why?

    Plato's theory of forms splits the world into 2 realms - the material and the transcendent world of Forms. Forms are there from the very beginning, it is us and our ability to perceive that which is already there that allows us to see objects. In the world of forms, entities exist independent of our knowledge of them and we only grasp them or are aware of them via the use of our minds and perception. Hence, Forms are universal even if there is constant change in the material world. How we perceive an object differentiates in a similar way as to how we perceive concepts. For example, what is blue to me might not be truly blue to you - it could be cobalt or sky-blue - still we can both agree that the color to which we can refer to exhibits 'blueness', a definition we ...

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