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    Application of Hobbes's and Descartes's Theories

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    What is a real-world application of Hobbes' and Descartes' theories? What might be some limitations of their theories to special need children?

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    Thomas Hobbes and Rene Descartes:
    Real World Application and Special Needs Education

    Thomas Hobbes reduced human action to passion. Desires for power and dominance rule most human beings. Reality is just a random collection of material qualities only - essences or purpose are not found in nature. All that exists is power. One can argue that Hobbes is the ultimate modern thinker, since he stresses man's control over nature and, quite often, each other. If power is all there is, then right and wrong do not exist as eternal concepts. His state - the Leviathan - has one job: to protect its citizens from each other.
    In terms of education, Hobbes holds that it is only under a strong state where the work involved in learning or study can ever bear fruit. Without security, learning would be eliminated in the mad rush for power. Special needs children would be victims in such a system, since, presumably, they cannot fight the battles ...

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    The expert examines the application of Hobbes's and Descartes's Theories. The limitations of their theories to special needs children are determined.