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For each of the following thinkers describe (a) what they think is in someone's interest, (b) how they think someone ought to live, and (c) the relation between these two.
1. Aristotle 2. Epicurus 3. Hobbes 4. Kant
5. Mill 6. Rand.

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Aristotle believed that a person's happiness is the greatest determination of their interests. The Eudaimonia explains that happiness is what all people are interested in and this is defined as the harmony of virtue and the pursuit of reason in intellectual pleasures(Akrill, J., 1989). Aristotle believes that the highest good is through philosophical contemplation and balancing your actions between the extremes of virtue and vice. Aristotle thinks that a person should live to maximize the highest good in their lives for themselves and others. He thinks a person should live virtuously with himself and with other people. The person ought to live such that they maximize virtue through reason and living in society. Epicurus believes that a person must be able to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. He believes that a person's interests is to maximize quality pleasure such as intellectual, learning, and the practical arts. Epicurus believes a person ought to live in such a way that he maximizes pleasure either intellectual pleasure in his life and to ...

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The solution discusses the ethical and moral positions of the listed philosophers (see long description).