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    The Process of Implementing a Global Pay Structure

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    Dear Expert:
    I have to develop a paper about "The Process of Implementing a Global Pay Structure" but I can title different using the topic. That consist in Write a comprehensive summary of the key findings from literature review (articles and Book used Compensation Milkovich 10 edition) selecting 10 or more current (less than 5 years old) journal articles that fit with Compensation, and discuss the application of those findings to the business world, utilize APA guidelines for format and citations, be typed, double-spaced and contain 15- pages containing appropriately labeled section headers:
     Introduction
     Theories Discussed (known theory in the field - for example, motivation, agency, equity).
     Application of Theories to the Business World
     Conclusion
    o Appendix containing appropriate charts, graphs or tables that support research findings (1-3 pages)

    The submission should provide a summary of major theories related to the course and apply said theories to real world business

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    This paper explains how to implement a pay structure and some of the issues with a global pay structure.