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    Companies With Global Presence

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    - Describe two companies with a global presence.
    - Describe the IT goverance organization and structure of each.
    - Brief summary of identified key policies and procedures of each company.
    - Compare and contrast each company's IT governance.

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    The first company selected for this assignment is BMW group. BMW is a leading manufacturer of luxury automobiles with sales and manufacturing operations in different countries across the globe. BMW's automobiles are known for their engineering excellence, performance and styling.

    BMW uses thousands of applications covering different processes at various locations and departments across the globe. The ever changing business needs and requirements leads to new IT projects on a regular basis. The vast number of IT projects and applications in the organization makes it imperative for BMW to have an integrated IT governance process to manage this complexity in an efficient manner, as well as to enhance transparency, better alignment of demand and reuse of existing solutions.

    At BMW, the existing IT management process has to link with the integrated IT governance process to align business with information technology as well as to eradicate weaknesses, plan future ...

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    Discusses two companies with a global presence and their IT governance.