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    Flat Organizations and Decision Making

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    Suggest one (1) key influence that managers within a flat organizational structure may exert on an organization, as opposed to the impact of managers with specialized skills in a hierarchical structure. Provide support for your rationale.

    Imagine that you are a manager responsible for implementing a significant technology change within an organization. Suggest how most employees are likely to react to the change. Indicate one (1) way in which you would minimize the impact of this reaction to the change management process. Provide support for your suggestion.

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    Flat organizations tend to have less managers, and both line employees and managers have more decision making power. Managers in a flat organization will be able to make more executive decisions based on their own judgement calls, instead of going through a bureaucratic approval process that the more hierarchical organizations tend to have in place. This may include decisions such as which vendors to buy supplies from, giving certain customers special discounts, and other ...

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    Flat Organizations and Decision Making is examined.