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    Employment Empowerment

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    Employee Empowerment

    Please assist with 1,100-1,400 words that describe methods for preparing employees at all levels for shifts in individual and group decision-making responsibility that come with the flat organizational model.

    Include 3 references.


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    The employees are prepared for organizational change from a vertical to a flat organization through training at different levels. The employees need more skills, they must have improved behavioral skills and an understanding of how the organizations functions.

    The employees at all levels should be prepared for shifts in individual and group decision making responsibilities that come with the flat organizational model. Most importantly, as middle management is reduced, the team members should be able to assume responsibilities that were earlier being carried out by the middle management.

    The team members and especially the person responsible for the team should be able to develop planning skills for the group/team. This training is imparted to employees through computer based training or classroom training where the employees are trained in setting objectives, setting a timeline for achieving the objectives, assigning responsibilities among the team members, monitoring the progress of the plan and taking corrective action if there is difference between planned objectives and actual achievements. In a flat organization, it is the responsibility of the teams to plan their work and the planning function cannot be assigned to one member. So, each member must be trained to plan for the team, understand the planning process and help implement the plans.

    The teams in a flat organization are expected to have multiple competencies. In addition, they must do cross functional work. For instance, a person is an engineer, but when he is working in the team, he may have to keep accounts or interact with a customer. It is essential that each member should develop and use multiple skills. For this purpose it is important that cross-functional training should be provided to members. For instance, the engineer should learn and develop skills for interacting with customers and making simple accounting entries when required. The company can arrange for ...

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