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    Deontology and Christian Faith

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    Explain the convergence or divergence among the following topics: virtue, character, love, law, and Christian ethical behavior as taught in the Bible. Discuss the applicable nature of the potential contradictions between equality and justice.

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    Deontology and Biblical Ethics

    Deontological Ethics is focused on the intention and the reasons behind the performance of a particular action. It is possible to look at Christian morality and ethics as deontological for actions are based on Christian laws, rules and viewpoints. Before an action is made, it is decided according to its 'Christianity' - the rightness and wrongness of the intended action according to the rule of Christian law. Consider this - Abortion is considered from a Christian viewpoint as a sin so, even if a pregnancy will endanger the life of the mother, the mother from a Christian viewpoint must not have an abortion for it is a sin. As a mother, she must love the child for the child, even unborn is a gift from God. For Christians, God is love and life is the gift of God - all life, all truth and all purpose and meaning of life comes from God. In the 10 commandments, to take a life is sin and faith is the only moral way. The mother therefore must have 'faith' that God will look after her and the child despite the obvious dangers of the pregnancy to her life. ...

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    The solution is an 850-word narrative designed to explain the topics of virtue, character, love, law, and Christian ethical behavior as taught in the Bible; notions of equality and justice is also included for the purpose of exploring deontological ethics.