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    Ethics of Using Machines vs. Machines Using Ethics

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    Please share your thoughts on machine ethics versis computer ethics? Aren't they basically the same thing? How can they be any different?

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    Ethics of Using Machines vs. Machines Using Ethics

    Hi there! Thanks so much for letting me respond to your post and offer you the best I can. I hope you find the content of this response most helpful for engaging the subject and recognizing your questions and opinions are worth sharing!

    Firstly, as far as the directions go, it seems like a major comparison/contrast type of assignment. I hope that whatever I offer will be plenty for you to think about, use and understand?if at any point you need more, please feel free to tell me.

    Secondly, as far as content ideas go, there are a lot of differences in both. Firstly, we have the clearly obvious difference in nomenclature: if they were not different things, they would not go by different names (throwing a bit of Wittgenstein at you, there). But that's not a very revelatory difference, is it? The question then is why these go by different names. I think you'll find the following at least somewhat obvious once you realize it:

    Computer/Information Ethics has more to do with the ethical uses of information and computation. While we've been able, as human beings, to come up with multiple theories of ethics over time (Utilitarianism, Kantian, Aristotle's Virtue Ethics, etc.), one of the most overlooked obvious facts is that each strain of ethical theory tends to come in response to a ...

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    The ethics of using machines versus machines using ethics are examined.