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Comparing Buddhism and Confucianism

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Please help!

I need to compare two Eastern Philosophies, 350 words minimum. I dont know where to start.

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Dear Student,
A mere 350 word reply to your problem is limiting in terms of the necessary information I could give you that you will need to defend a philosophy well as a more persuasive or better philosophy to follow than the other. as such, I have taken the liberty of creating this comprehensive solution for you written in the APA format where you can expand information by checking the sources used and in this case, I encourage you to visit the web resources - they are useful. For your final 350 word defense, adapt this solution to it, parts of each section and argument for defence. When you do, be sure to practice reinterpreting views presented so that you 'own' the argument making it plagiarism-proof. Good Luck!

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Eastern Philosophies Confucianism & Buddhism

Confucianism & Buddhism share this at least in their very nature - they started out as forms of 'philosophies' from which to view the world and slowly evolved to belief & quasi-religious systems.


Buddhism is seen as a set of beliefs & practices followed by people the world over numbering to about 230 million with its center in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, & parts of China. It has its origins in the beliefs of Siddharta Gautama (5 BCE), the ultimate Buddha who first reached enlightenment. Prior to achieving enlightenment, Siddharta was a prince in India and had access to the luxuries his world had to provide and for a time, he lived life in the manner that richest of Royals though. His wisdom & desire to be free of the suffering & desires that lead to it however has led him to a path of enlightened living, freeing him from the bondage of his humanity to nirvana. His teachings or the Dharma is important to the Sangha or the Buddhist people where he holds a central position as the Buddha or one who has seen the light. While there are arguments between ...

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The solution is a comprehensive guide in the form of a 1075-word essay comparing Eastern philosophies Buddhism & Confucianism. It presents a concise history of both beliefs, providing a comparison and contrast of each to each other arguing (after presenting the necessary details for each) finally for Confucianism as the more relevant perspective in relation to what is applicable to the needs of society in keeping social order.