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Lateral Thinking: Car Scenario

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Scenario: A young man's car developed a flat tire as he was driving along a deserted street. He pulled over to the curb and did all the usual things: removed the hub cap, unscrewed the lugs and rested them carefully in the hub cap, jacked up the car. Just as he was finishing up they all rolled out, and all five of them fell down a nearby grate. Peering through the bars of the grate the man thought that he could see the lugs about 6 feet below in a shallow water puddle. He had a problem. How do you think he solved it?

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In about 270 words, lateral thinking solutions are presented for this specific case scenario. A method for thinking about these types of problems is proposed and will be useful when solving future problems of a similar nature.

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This question is all about the argument. Think of a way through the problem while being logical and practical. There are plenty of ways for this guy to get of his problem - just pick one and argue it. For example,
1. Use a cell phone to call for help.
2. Use the golf ball retriever that he has in the trunk of his car with the ...

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