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    The question of artificial intellgence

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    Psychologist Stevan Harnad has proposed the Total Turing Test for artificial intelligence. To pass this test, the computer being tested would have to be able to do everything that a normal human being does, including walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, dancing, playing a musical instrument, and so on. Only a computer with a robot body could do that.

    Is passing the Total Turing Test either necessary or sufficient for being intelligent and thus having a mind? Why or why not?

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    Philosophers argue that to have mind means to be able to think and understand. Understanding here is called intentionality. The Total Turing Test simulates certain human activities which are then programmed into a machine by computation or formalization. The computer accurately repeats the data fed into it. But there are propositions that humans can understand that cannot be ...

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    This post addresses the issue of artificial intelligence. Could machines who could perform certain actions that human beings could perform be said to have a mind? That is the major question addressed in this post.