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Do you think that having more than one wife or husband is immoral?

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<br>In order to answer this question, you first need to have a good idea of what it means for something to be "immoral". (I was also assuming that the question meant more than one wife/husband who knew about each other and were happy with it. If the question isn't clear on this, you need to make some mention of the issue being different if both wives/husbands are being deceived.)
<br>Things to think about:
<br>The root of the word "moral" is the Latin "mores" meaning custom/habit. This would suggest that something that is highly important to the consideration of the question of what is moral or immoral is whether or not it is in accordance with "custom". Clearly, in most cultures at least (exceptions would be Mormons, some African communities), having more than one wife/husband would then be "immoral".
<br>However, it is also true that the words "moral" and "immoral" now have a much wider connotation than this, although this is ...