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    True or False

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    Please see if those questions are clear and easy to understand and try to answer them let me know if they are good enough for university students first year.

    1. T or F One of Marx's main contributions to the history of ideas is his theory that the economic substructure is capable of creating cultural concepts inherent in law, morality, and religion.
    2. T or F According to Marx, the individual is not an end-in-himself but the means to the self re-realization of the society of which he or she is an integral part.

    3. T of F Marx claimed that the dictatorship of the proletariat will not lead to the abolition of all classes.

    4. T or F According to Feuerbach and Marx, ideas of God are simply reflections of models of human existences.

    5. T of F As predicted by Marx's scientific political theories, communism has spread mainly in advanced capitalistic societies.

    6. T or F The first principle of humanistic existentialism is that we are all created in the image of God.

    7. T of F According to Sartre, in choosing what I will do, I choose for all human beings because to chose anything is to choose what ought to be.

    8. T or F According to Nitzsche, the inherent stoicism of slave morality has not benefited the development of European civilization.

    9. T or F According to Sartre, anguish is not a feeling we get when we realize that we are alone without given moral norms as absolute truths.

    10. T or F According to Sartre, freedom is kind of condemnation because the natural order determines what is right no matter that we want or do.

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