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    Historical development of both traditional and modern ethics

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    I am having trouble researching the historical developments of both traditional and modern ethics, as well as what the connection between the two.

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    Socrates and the Sophists were the founders of philosophical ethics as we know it today. (Ethics by the way means a "general pattern or way of life, a set of rules of conduct or moral code and enquiry about ways of life and rules of conduct").

    The pre-Socratics concerned themselves with the cosmos in their quest to find the ultimate principle of all things. But Socrates and the Sophists focused their attention on human behaviour. The central question of traditional ethics has to do with the concept of goodness. Socrates and the Sophists wanted to know if there was a universal principle of goodness(or virtue) to which all human beings should ...

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    This post addresses the aim of traditional and modern ethics and how each school proceeds to achieve its aim. It talks about Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Kant, among others, and discusses where each philosopher fits in the development of ethics. The major question is "What are the central questions of traditional and modern ethics?"