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    Dependence on Technology

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    I am writing an Argumentation-Persuasion Essay on the above topic. Please help discuss ideas for the following;
    A: Negative effect of people have become overly dependent on technology
    B: Positive effect of people have become overly dependent on technology
    First, I need to set up a graph on the outline and then to have the final argument in essay format.

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    Firstly, I take it to mean you are arguing that people have in fact become overly dependent on technology. That is a good position to take, and I am sure many people would agree with you. What I like about your opinion is that it also means your "effects" are there because you are implicitly arguing that even though this is true, it is not necessarily negative OR positive--it can be both. In case you were not planning on making that explicit in the intro, I would definitely try to do that.

    Secondly, some possible negative effects to consider might be any number of the following. (1) People become lazier as work becomes harder to adjust to. (2) People lose initiative because they think things will come more easily to them. (3) Anything which is "difficult" is given up on much sooner, regardless of that definition of "difficult." (4) People take advantage of the technology, creating an ever-increasing need for greater technology to compensate (a good example of this might be farming technology--as more people can be fed by the ...

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