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    Contextualism and Kantianism: Management Ethics

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    Could you please help me with these 2 questions I am having a hard time with this course? I have attached the 3 Lectures.

    1. Three lectures have emphasized three different theories of ethics. Briefly, with which are you most comfortable and why?

    2. A major car manufacturer has decided to shut down one of its plants in a small town with almost no warning. Argue in Kantian terms how at least one of the stakeholders should be treated.

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    Dear Student,

    I understand how all these might get confusing or difficult. Remember however that philosophy is about critical analysis, about inquiry so while each theory have a set of rules on a personal level, they are all about preferences, what fits you best. IN life even the most learned of men flit from one philosophy to another when the ones they follow reach a crisis. They call these paradigm shifts - when a school of thought reaches a crisis level and cannot explain or make sense of the social phenomenon it is expected to explain. Consider ex-sociologist Richard Rorty - in his days as a sociologist he followed a pragmatist school of thought. He believed that meaning & reality is bound only by how much we can comprehend and express - by communication and language. Soon he realized, hey everything in the sciences is just a school of thought. There is no one truth as they are subject to validation by a particular culture or set of beliefs. He instead became a philosopher. So do not worry if all these seem confusing. There are a lot of grey areas especially in philosophy. Even Socrates declared that he knows nothing when in fact he was considered the wisest of all in Ancient Greece. Now, the solution below is concise because this is what you need - something straight to the point. What I have chosen in terms of philosophy is something that I truly believe in - a contextualist attitude. I know you will probably find it easy to identify with too. Each section below corresponds to each question set you have in your posting. Thank you for using Brainmass, good luck!


    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Ethical Theories with a focus on Contextualism

    The last few lectures discussed Deontological and Teleological types of ethical theories with ...

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    The solution is an in depth explanation of the theories of ethics, particularly ethical theories that are currently applied in management and the workplace. Kantianism and Contextualism is discussed as particular examples via situational application. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing. The solution follows the APA-format.