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    Joan of Arc & Medieval Philosophy in Context

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    Do you find some similarities and differences between Joan of Arc's life and times and that of medieval philosophy? What are your thoughts?

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    As the question is framed, you need to identify the areas of Joan of Arc's life that are relevant to philosophical discussion. The areas that are relevant would include her visions, the attempts to determine her suitability to lead the French in battle on the part of the King and other political leaders of the time, and much of the theological and political considerations at her trial. It is a bit odd to talk about "similarities and differences" in this context. Perhaps a better choice of words would be "what was a reflection of the times and what was unique about the life and situation of Joan of Arc's life and times."

    The areas of uniqueness, would, I think, focus on the fact that Joan was a military leader and yet was a woman. The fact that she wanted to do this was remarkable enough, but the fact that she was able to convince the King and other political leaders to develop military strategy, and that she was actually on the battlefield herself was ...

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    Provides advise in tackling the task of comparing and contrasting the life & times of Joan of Arc to the events and development in Medieval philosophy.