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Trigonometric Word Problems

13) A rocket tracking station has two telescopes A and B placed 1.3 miles apart. The telescopes lock onto a rocket and transmit their angles of elevation to a computer after a rocket launch. What is the distance to the rocket from telescope B at the moment when both tracking stations are directly east of the rocket telescope A reports an angle of elevation of 25° and telescope B reports an angle of elevation of 40°?
A) 2.12 miles B) 0.85 miles C) 1.98 miles D) 3.23 miles.

14) A guy wire to the top of a tower makes an angle of 700 with the level ground. At a point 29 feet farther from the base of the tower and in line with the base of the wire, the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 27°. What is the length of the guy wire?
A) 39.96 feet B) 60.03 feet C) 19.3 feet D) 14.01 feet

18) Tiger Woods tees off on a long, straight 458 yard par 4 and slices his drive 12° to the right of the line from tee to the hole. If the drive went 289 yards, how many yards will Tiger's second shot have to be to reach the hole?
A) 650.2 yards B) 4042 yards C) 743.1 yards D) 185.3 yards

19) The distance from home plate to dead center field in SiAn Devil Stadium is 401 feet. A baseball diamond is a
square with a distance from home plate to first base of 90 feet. How far is it from first base to dead center field?
A) 469 feet . B) 343.3 feet C) 3787 feet D) 3262 feet.

Find the area of triangle ABC with the given parts.
20) A = 29.4° .
A) 21in2, B) 42 in^2, C) 23in2, D) 40in2

21) a=17.9cm b=1O2cm
16.5 cm
A) 92 cm2, B) 86 cm2, C) 89 cm^2, D) 83 cm^2

For the given powers Write the answer in standard form.
22) (1+ i)2°
A) 4024 B) 1024 C) 1024i D) -1024i


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