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    Trigonometric Equations : Solution and Area of Triangle

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    1. Find all the solutions of the equation 3sin20(degrees) = cos2x(degrees) in the range 0(degrees) is less then or equal to x(degrees) which is less than or equal to 180(degrees).

    2. A triangle has sides A-C =3cm
    A-B = 5 cm
    B-C = 4 cm
    Find the area of the triangle

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    1 when you evaluate sin( 20 degrees) one obtains 0.349 and 3 times this is 1.026 which is greater than 1. However cos (2x) can only run from 1 to -1 in this range no matter the value of the arguement. So one of two things has happened. the equation given is incorrect or there is no x for which this equation is true.

    Draw the triangle with B-C on the horizontal axis so that A is above the line of B-C.

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    A trigonometric equation and area of triangle are solved.