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Applying the Pythagorean Theorem

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MY QUESTION: DO I USE THE PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM TO SOLVE FOR THE DISTANCE? (Please note that the all Caps used, to distinguish my question from the question for the assignment below).

Meagan has just moved into a house very close to her mom and her sister. She is ready to move her belongings that are stored at her mom's house to her new house. She is trying to decide from which company to rent the moving truck.

The first option, Truck A, offers a flat fee of $25 and $.40 per mile. Truck B offers a flat fee of $30 and $.25 per mile.

For this assignment, you will follow the four steps of problem solving to find how much Meagan will pay to move her belongings from her mom's house to her new house. You will follow the steps of problem solving listed below to first calculate the distance Meagan must move her belongings and then the cheapest rate between Truck A and Truck B. You must show your work for each step.

Step 1: Understand and explain the problem involved and all the different calculations needed to solve it. Step 2: Translate the problem into equations. Step 3: Solve the equation Step 4: Interpret the results.


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Yes you will need to use PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM (PT) to calculate the distance from Megan's to Moms house. This works out to be a distance

d = Sqrt{ 6^2 + 8^ 2} = Sqrt{100} = 10 miles

This deduced using ...

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The solution applies the Pythagorean theorems. General equations are provided.