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    Word Problem Involving Tangent Function

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    A patient is being treated with laser therapy to remove a tumour that is located behind a vital organ. The tumor is 5.7 cm below the skin. To avoid the organ, the entry point of the laser must be 12.4 cm above the tumour along the skin. What is the angle the doctor must use to hit the tumor directly? Round your anwer to the nearest tenth of a degree. [4 marks]

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    If you imagine the patient as lying on his side so his chest is on the right of this diagram, you can draw in the distances given. The short, horizontal line is the depth of the tumor, 5.7 cm. ...

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    This problem includes a tumor inside a patient. To access the tumor, the surgeon must angle his incision. The problem explains how to use two known lengths of a right triangle as well as the tangent function to find the angle of incision.