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    Word Angle Problem and Sum of Measures of Acute Angles

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    Find the sum of the measures of the five acute angles that maup up this star......

    OK so for this I noticed the 5 triangles that make up the star so i multiplied 180 x 5=900
    Then to get the acute angles I did 180/5 and got 36... So the triangle measure would be 72 + 72 +36=180

    Acute angles = 36....???

    Second problem... If the area of square C is 64 units and the area of square d is 81 sq units, what are the areas of the other seven squares....

    A 36 6^2
    B 49 7 ^2
    C 64 8^2
    D 81 9^2
    E 100 10^2
    F121 11^2
    G144 12^2
    H 169 13^2
    I 196 14^2

    I found a pattern and just went with it...Did I do this correctly???

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    I do not believe either of these is correct .

    looking at the squares C and D are much smaller than A and B however you are stating in your thought that this is 6 squared that this is smaller than C or D. Actually looking at the picture these are not squares dipicted in your pictures but rather various rectangles. Although the picture may be bad that is showing for my copy.

    A check I suggest is to cut ...

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    The sum of measures of acute angles are determined. A pattern is examined.