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    A practical application of geometry: Right Angles

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    A Little League team is building a backstop for its practice field. It is made up of two right angles as shown below. The backstop extends 24 feet 8 inches out in each direction and the center pole is 6.5 yards high. All sides of the backstop including base and the center pole are to be made of aluminum tubing. How many feet of tubing should the team buy? How many square feet of the backstop must be covered by a screen?

    See attachment for diagram.

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    We have to convert the units first.

    1 inch = 0.0833333333 feet
    1 yard = 3 feet


    24 feet 8 inches = 24.667 feet
    6.5yards = 19.5 feet

    from the figure,

    base of the right angled triangles = 24.667 feet
    common perpendicular = 19.5 ...

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