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    Real analysis

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    29.12 (a) Show that x < tan x for all x in (0, &#960;/2).

    (b) Show that x/ sin x is strictly increasing function on (0, &#960;/2).

    (c) Show that x &#8804; (&#960;/2)&#1468;sin x for all x in [0, &#960;/2].

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    We need to following theorems for the questions.
    Theorem 1: Suppose the function is differentiable on the interval . If for all , then is strictly increasing on . If for all , then is strictly decreasing on . If for all , then is increasing on . If for all , then is decreasing on .
    Theorem 2 (Quotient Rule): Suppose the functions ...

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    There are three proofs here involving trigonometric functions.