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Real life examples of Quantitative techniques

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(1)PD 12-1. Describe a problem in your workplace (or another workplace) that can be solved by each one of these methods and set up the solution for each:
� Minimal-spanning tree technique
� Maximal flow technique
� Shortest-route technique.

(2)Chapter 14
PD 14-1. a) Describe a queuing process in your work environment or community. b) Identify the model (M/M/1, M/M/m, M,D,1 etc.) used and c) its operating characteristics (arrival, waiting line, and service facility). d) Explain the assumptions that were made.

(3)PD 14-2. For the system described in PD 14-1, calculate:
 Average number in the system (L)
 Average time in the systemb (W)
 Average number in the queue (Lq)
 Average amount of time spent in the queue (Wq)

(4) PD 13-2. Develop a network diagram using AON for a simple project in your
work place. Show duration, ES, EF, LS, LF, and slack (if applicable) for
each activity.

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