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    Probability - health

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    Peterson's vitamins, an advertiser in the magazine Healthy Living estimates that 1 Percent of the subscribers will buy vitamins from Petersons. They also estimate that 0.5 percent of nonsubscribers will buy the product and that there is one chance in 20 that a person is a subscriber.
    a) find the probability that a randomly selected person will buy the vitamins
    b) If a person buys the vitamins, what is the probability he subscribes to Healthy Living?
    c) If a person does not buy the vitamins what is the probability she subscribes to Healthy Living?

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    probability that a person is a subscriber p(s) = 1/20 = 0.05
    probability that a person is a nonsubscriber p(ns) = 1 - 0.05 = 0.95
    probability that a subscriber will buy a product p(sb)= 0.5/100 = 0.005
    probability that a nonsubscriber will buy a ...

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