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Probability : What is the best strategy?

18. A true-false question is to be posed to a husband and wife team on a quiz show. Both the husband and the wife will, independently, give the correct answer with probability p. which of the following is a better strategy for the couple?
(a) Choose one of them and let that person answer the question; or
(b) have them both consider the question and then either give the common answer if they agree or, if they disagree, flip a coin to determine which answer to give?


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a. We may choose the wife or husband. Lets assume that the probability of choosing the husband is "h" and probability of choosing the wife is "1-h"

The probability of giving the right answer is p and giving the wrong answer is 1-p . Thus we may have 4 different results. The probability of their combination would be equal to the multiplication of their probabilities.

1. We choose the husband and he ...

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Strategies involving a true-false question are investigated in terms of probability. The solution is detailed and well presented.