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    Numerical example of encryption using the RSA method

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    Please see the file below about encoding a birthday.
    For example the birthday is 250692, how to calculate?

    Exercise 2: Encode your date of birth (format DDMMYY) using the public key:

    n = 536813567

    a = 7582663

    (Use the correspondence 0 <-> 0, 1 <-> 1, ..., 9 <-> 9 and work in base 10 to encode this message.)

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    The theory of RSA encryption states the following

    Choose two large numbers p and q and compute n = p*q
    Compute phi = (p-1)*(q-1)
    Choose a prime number a that is coprime with phi
    Compute the multiplicative inverse of phi w.r.t. i.e. d = ...

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    The writeup shows an illustrative numerical calculation of data encryption and decryption using the RSA method by utilizing a public and private key.