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    Matrices and Systems of Equations

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    A group of students decides to sell pizzas to help raise money for their senior class trip. They sold pepperoni for $12, sausage for $10, and cheese for $8. At the end of their sales the class sold a total of 600 pizzas and made $5900. The students sold 175 more cheese pizzas than sausage pizzas. Set up a system of three equations and three unknowns, use an augmented matrix to solve, and show all work to receive full credit.

    A. What are the three unknowns?

    B. Write a separate equation representing each of the first three sentences.

    C. Determine the augmented matrix that represents the three equations.

    D. Solve for the matrix. Show all work to receive full credit.

    E. How many of each type of pizza were sold?

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