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Gaussian Elimination

Matrices are the most common and popular way to solve systems of equations.
Provide an example of a matrix that can be solved using Gaussian elimination.
1. Show specifically how row operations can be used to solve the matrix.
2. State the solution
3. substitute the solution back into the equation to verify the solution.

This is what I have started

x + y + z = 3
2x + 3y + 7z = 0
x + 3y - 2z = 17

So the matrix would be, right?

[ 1 1 1 3
2 3 7 0
1 3 -2 17]

Then if I show row operations I would do this????

Row 1 traded with 2
multiply row 3 by 6
add -2 time row 1 to row 2

If those are correct, great but I'm truly lost after that to finish the assignment.

If this is not correct can you please guide me in the right direction to completing this assignment.

I also need to provide a graph for this too.

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