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    The Decision Variables

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    I need a physical explanation as to why X37 = 400, X78 = 0, and X48 = 400. I need for these computer generated numbers to make sense and be able to justify them , if they are justifiable. these problems come from Management Science (Anderson,Sweeney, and Williams) 11th edition on page 327-330 figure 7.13, The management scientist solution for the contois carpet problem.

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    The decision variables x15, x26, x37, and x48 are production quantities for quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. These decision variables also represent part of the demand for a quarter directly satisfied from production in the same quarter. For example x15 represent production in quarter 1 and demand for quarter satisfied from ...

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    The solution explains in details why X37 = 400, X78 = 0, and X48 = 400.